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Why are Medicinal Plants so vital and essential to keep the body healthy?Why are Medicinal Plants so vital and essential to keep the body healthy?

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All that God has created has a special meaning and a clear goal. Therefore, plants also are part of this statement. It is a fact that where the man lives grow food plants and medicinal plants. This found that when men establish a colony in the midst of nature, healing herbs appear there soon. These medicinal plants emerging near human houses are in number about forty different species. Among these nettle, dandelion, etc., and other plant species that need man needs to stay healthy or to regain health.

It seems as if the plants had received from God the order to mount guard over the homes of men, to serve them. Niuy humble plants, because although they are so rich in all elements that man needs to be healthy, look like a poor beggar who humbly asks the man to open the doors of his house. But man, usually neglected, leaves for animal food, or he stepped on. Poor healing plants; Too bad the cover precisely those for which God made them grow! The task of healing plants is always the same: to purify, reconstruct and heal.

Sometimes plants used as medicine to heal even in cases where other means as drugs of conventional medicine fails. So they want to live in close communion with the man, growing around your home. They grow everywhere, for all costs wanted to serve humanity in order to fulfill the mission which the Creator has so carefully that their creatures, is in charge. God wants (do not ever forget) to alleviate the pain of men and cure their illnesses using natural means. The merciful Lord has endowed nature of so many wonderful things that no one disease or condition for which do not grow one or several and sometimes many medicinal herb plants.

The diversity of medicinal plants in the wonderful Nature pharmacy which is renewed every year, mostly in the spring, is so large it could wrap the whole man, from head to foot, placing each plant in place to cure for a particular disease. The three tables that we offer below, showing the head, trunk and arms and legs, surrounded by medicinal herbs, illustrate this interesting point.

Land healing and medicinal plants are two very important natural healing factors in alternative medicine & essential for the man who wants to heal your body by strictly following the laws of nature. The man needs both, since he himself is a piece of land, because the mud was created. Therefore, in the human body must be contained the main substances in the soil, especially mineral salts, especially lime, iron, silicate, sodium, potassium, magnesium, manganese, iron, iodine, etc.. We are merely finding an undeniable fact proven by science. The lack of one or more of these substances essential is the origin of many diseases.

Healing plants that are in close contact with the ground, these principles contain essential minerals for human health. Some contain more than others, thus fulfilling each species of medicinal plants, the specific task assigned by the Creator, each serving for a particular disease, or for several diseases at once. Also, for each disease there are often not once, but several appropriate herbal remedies. Excerpt from a newspaper an interesting comment on the great value of the earth in healing and medicinal plants: "The earth healing plants and complete food and have a purifying effect, regenerating and vitalizing. Our ancestors added to their daily food wild . But not only this: we know that they also ate ground, just as some people still do. Men uncorrupted obey your instincts and do well.

"Plants contain valuable mineral salts and substances inclusive (trace), especially ethereal components. Our food today lacks these substances (sometimes missing completely), which are absolutely necessary to keep our bodies healthy. here is an extremely important life-giving substances they rebuild. Mac plants also have the property to clean the body, destroying the impurities and acids. Similar to the land plants also act appropriate. By its content of silicates, Aluminox, etc., have a reconstructor and purifying effect. The antibacterial and antiseptic properties of the earth are known in general. They absorb the fermented materials and prevent the accumulation of poisonous putrefaction in the stomach and intestinal canal. A number of our medical leaders reformers (reformers of life), highlighting know this increasingly and rightly so. According to Prof. Vogel and Dr. Kunze, appropriate land offers an opportunity to enrich the body of bases."

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