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Three Levels of Alignment for ReikiWhat is Reiki & its Three Levels of Alignment!

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Let's start with a brief history of Reiki, The act of laying on of hands on human or animal body to comfort or relieve pain is as old as the instincts. When a child has the mother instinctively fever supports the palm of your hand on the forehead of the creature. The human touch conveys warmth, comfort and healing power. Also expresses the affection and love. Females of the young animals lick rough. And that simple act is the basis of all healing techniques through touch.

Living bodies, human or animal, radiates warmth and life energy. That energy is the life force itself and has many names as human civilizations have existed. The Japanese Ki and that is called the root which appears in the word Reiki.

Qi Gong is an ancient therapeutic disciplines of Asia based on empowerment and the preservation of Ki by controlling the movement of energy in the body. Ki or Chi is a type electric energy that shapes the body and determines their health status. It is said that when the Ki is separated from the living organism, it abandons life. All that is alive contains Ki and radiates it: the biomagnetic energy of the aura.

In fact Reiki is not a religion, nor obeys the postulates of any of them. This force or vital energy is the source of life itself and much earlier, as reality and as a concept, to any religious or philosophical system.

Indeed, all living things have Ki, but Reiki attunement connects to the receiver of a more direct way with this inexhaustible source. With its alignment to Reiki I first receiver becomes a channel for this universal healing energy and gain the ability to use Reiki. From the moment you receive it until the end of his days, all you have to make that person to contact is to position the therapeutic Ki hands on himself or another person and the life force energy began to flow automatically.

In just a few minutes it takes the alignment process, the person receiving Reiki vital energy benefits from a gift that will change your life forever, and in the positive direction from any point of view that are contemplated.

This process of alignment or difference Reiki initiation of any other system of healing by touching through the palms of hands. The alignment is not a therapy session, is the creation of a therapist. In Reiki I the discipleship receives first combined alignment (or all four alignments, if you start under the direction of a Traditional Reiki Master), then another for the Reiki II level and one more for Reiki III.

The alignments are handled one by one, and this can be a beautiful ritual, or process emergency and ceremony, in any case it is the transmission of a magical power. In this process the individual teacher is placed behind the person to start and draw the symbols. Then repeat the same operation places ahead, and finally is again placed behind. People receiving experience certain feelings, but each case is different. Sometimes say they see colors or images, other times there is a revision of the previous lives - especially if these have been well connected with Reiki - or the sensation to be filled with light, a feeling of total peace, wonder and love. 

Information about the Three Levels of Reiki:

Reiki I:

At this level alignment at the healthy physical discomfort of the person who receives it, the physical health often accused a perceptible improvement in the months following the initiation, and the sessions of Reiki I is primarily self-therapeutic. The Reiki I therapist can also get the healing of a person physically present. It is the process called "direct healing" the healer should place your hands directly on itself or on the patient.

Reiki II:

This alignment significantly increases the amount of energy healing, addressing more specifically to the emotional, mental and karmic healing in the recipient. After receiving it, the old emotions, unresolved situations in the past, past lives and negative thought patterns resurface and resolve to end in complete healing. This phase can last up to six months is positive and necessary, but not always comfortable.

Reiki III:

Is the degree of master / teacher, someone who has completely mastered a discipline and can teach it, without adding any connotation of vanity or any sense of ownership.

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