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What is Magnetic TherapyWhat is Magnetic Therapy?

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Currently there is widest range of alternative treatments of all kinds, many of them can be combined with others in order to enhance its positive effects. Magnetic Therapy, Magnetotherapy or Magnet therapy is one such alternative medicine treatments that can be applied in conjunction with other treatments to enhance their power. But what is Magnetic Therapy?

This therapy is a branch of complementary medicine that isn't very old, but holds a solid scientific basis, allowing you to benefit from credibility among skeptical circles. Red blood cells circulating in the bloodstream are polarized because of its high iron load. It is intended to influence the Magnetotherapy RBCs polarizing circulate properly and this better in the bloodstream.

Of course the main role of the magnets. These are applied to the body (which can be done through loaded creams) offsetting the natural disorganization blood, seeking to balance the energy flowing through our body.

With this method can be solved various problems that affect our body, as through therapy Magnets can get a better oxygenation and elimination of toxic agents, in fact Magnet Therapy can be applied as spot treatment to eliminate pain, including joint pain, back pain or headaches, for example. It suffices to place magnets on the painful area to begin to take effect.

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