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Urine Treatment For AcneUrine Therapy For Acne - Urine Treatment For Acne

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If you haven't tried to drink your own urine, then you have not tried everything. Urine therapy for Acne is a treatment that many acne sufferers claim to be highly effective.

What is urine therapy?

It comes in two forms. Urine can be used internally (i.e., drinking) or externally (applied to the skin).

How could it drink urine curing acne?

No one really knows. The books and websites promoting urine therapy offer wild explanations - and often venture beyond the line of sanity.

Urine Therapy for acne - One explanation is that the urine is a rich blend of nutrients. Although urine contains many vitamins and minerals, we must keep in mind that these are nutrients that your body rejected. He had no need for these nutrients. So again feeding he makes a little sense, also the nutrients came from food and supplements we take, so you need to have a socially acceptable way to get more nutrients.

Urine Therapy For Acne

Another explanation is that urine contains antibodies (class of chemicals that fight disease). Feeding them back to his body supposedly helps your body fight the bacteria that cause acne. Most doctors find this explanation hard to believe. That's because the antibodies came from the body in the first place. So again feeding them your body does not give any new information or tools to combat acne.

If we understand how urine therapy does not change the fact that it has helped many people. Anecdotal evidence suggests that it is particularly effective against allergies. Many people have overcome allergies by drinking his own urine - so hard to believe as it sounds.

Urine Therapy for acne - If urine therapy helps to relieve acne is likely to be through this mechanism. For many people, acne has a strong allergic, allergies cause inflammation that aggravate acne.

Urine Therapy for acne - topical urine therapy for acne

Another way to treat acne is applying urine topically. Basically, you just put on your face. Urea (the main component of urine) is anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial, and that's probably why many acne sufferers say that this treatment is effective.

Misleading claims

Before you get too excited, and run to the bathroom with a cup in hand, there are some things you should consider.

Reading books and websites promoting urine therapy could easily think urine is a golden elixir. They say it is sterile and has no harmful substances.

Any doctor can tell you that this is not true.

While urine is sterile usually remains a waste product. It contains substances that the body rejects or was not necessary at this time.

Not all of these substances are dangerous, but some of them can be. For example, many heavy metals? Eliminated in the urine. So if you have amalgam fillings, your urine, you probably have detectable levels of mercury, also many of the prescription drugs are eliminated by the kidneys. So drink urine while taking the drug effectively increases the dose.

Drink one or two cups daily is unlikely to cause any harm to anyone, but drinking large amounts create the same effect as the malfunction of the kidneys.

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