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Alternative Medicine BefefitsTop 14 Home Remedies for Hair Loss and Recommendations

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The average daily hair fall is usually 100 per day, while we are in that range we do not have to worry about, but when this number is exceeded by a much larger amount to and pay attention and do something to stop the hair loss as soon as possible. There are several reasons why hair may fall, among which include anemia, pregnancy, stress or nervousness, poor diet, poor circulation, excessive use of hooks in the hair, hormonal changes, hereditary conditions.

Check it out this List of Home Remedies for Hair Loss:

Natural remedies for hair loss #1

This is one of the most popular home remedies to stop hair loss and encourage its growth, it is advisable to rub, at least once daily to the scalp with aloe vera pulp. Should be left to dry on the head and then removed with water until the hair is completely clean. 

Home hair remedies #2

To reduce hair loss, you should rub the scalp with fish liver oil once a week, preferably at night and sleep with the oil applied to the hair (can cover it with a bag with small holes for proper oxygenation and avoid staining the pillow) and then wash your hair in the morning with plenty of water and shampoo. 

Hair loss remedies #3

A simple remedy to help you grow beautiful hair, is to make a mixture of onion juice and lemon in equal amounts and massage your scalp with this mixture. This will help your hair grow even in places with existing bald. (This remedy can be combined with aloe vera remedy for best results) 

Hair remedies for hair loss #4

To make the hair grow abundantly, you should rub the fingernails of his right hand with the fingernails of the left five minutes every day. (This serves as a relaxing technique, so if you have hair loss problem by stress, this remedy will be good for you) 

At home hair remedies #5

It is believed that the head and feet remain up for five minutes to increase blood flow to the roots of the hair, which helps prevent hair loss and still preserve the remains. (This is a folk remedy and has not been tested clinically) 

Home air loss remedies #6

If you want a spectacular shiny hair, you should mix four egg whites, rubbed on the scalp and leave it to dry completely. Then you must wash your hair thoroughly and rinse with a mixture of white rum and rose water (the mixture should be in equal amounts).

Natural hair loss remedy #7

It is well known that coconut milk can be used to prevent hair loss completely natural. To do this, it gives him a massage with hair roots which feeds the hair with vitamins and promotes healthy growth. Coconut milk is prepared by grinding the coconut shavings and squeezing it. If you prefer you can buy this at any natural store. 

Home remedy for hair loss #8

Another natural way to combat hair loss, is to use a nettle lotion which is very effective for this problem. To do this, you should buy nettle leaves in a botanical pharmacy in an amount equivalent to one cup (or more for future preparations). Then put to boil in 1 / 2 liter of water for approximately 10 minutes. You have to let it sit overnight and in the morning is to rub the scalp with the lotion of nettles. 

Hair loss remedy #9

Grind a tomato with cloves and then rub it on the scalp. (Simple but effective for hair loss, is well combined with any of the other remedies mentioned here) 

Hair loss home remedy #10

Another home remedy to prevent hair loss is the paste of liquorice, which is made by grinding the pieces in milk with a pinch of saffron. This paste should be applied to the scalp at night before going to bed.

Hair remedy #11

Boil guava leaves in 1 liter of water until the water becomes very dark. Massaging the scalp with water from the mixture twice a week (it's good to have rest days between each application). 

Hair fall remedies #12

Mix two handfuls of fresh sage birch with 100 ml of alcohol (96 °). Dilute the mixture in 100 ml of distilled water and massage the scalp with two tablespoons of this mixture every day for several weeks. 

Hair fall remedy #13

Cut a clove of garlic in half and rub on the scalp before bedtime. Then, you have to massage the head with a small amount of olive oil and coat the hair with a plastic cap. The next morning, wash the head with water and aromatic shampoo once or twice if necessary by the strong smell of garlic. 

Effective hair loss remediy #14

In the case of hair loss, the combination of essential oils of sage and rosemary, is an effective remedy to combat it. You can buy this remedy at any establishment of natural products in your area or online.

Some useful Recommendations to Prevent Hair Loss

Use the dryer at an appropriate distance: This is to avoid serious heat stress could be damaging to the hair (you can dry it out and leave it brittle promoting their fall), we recommend using the dryer at a safe distance and not focus the heat at a single point. If possible, avoid using hair dryers and dry your hair gently with a towel or air.

Caring for a special way the hair on the seasonal changes: When the seasons change, especially in autumn, the hair falls in abundance as the leaves on the trees. Requires the use of hair treatments to stop the hair loss. You can use natural remedies recommended in this article, any other alternative or conventional beauty products, although they are more expensive.

Avoid smoking: The cigarette snuff and weakens the skin dry scalp. It is therefore recommended, if you can not quit, then you must drink at least a liter 1 / 2 to two of water a day to help prevent dryness in the head and skin in general.

Eat more healthfully: Taking vitamins such as vitamin A and B complex that can be found in cereals and green vegetables, wheat germ and brewer's yeast. Similarly, daily vitamin supplements are highly recommended. It is better to eat natural supplements because they are safer and equally effective.

Massaging the scalp frequently: Rub often the scalp with fingers (not fingernails) which will activate the sebaceous glands and energize the circulation of blood flow in the affected area and promoting hair growth. It is recommended to rub until you feel the tingle of heat.

We hope all this information is very useful for you and do not forget to check our other articles related if not found what you're looking for.

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