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The 10 Major Effects Of Urine Therapy

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It seems lie? But in these 10 urine therapy effects, there is no lie or exaggeration. If you take your own urine, low and homeopathically, that person will never reach or understand the revolutionary nature and the real charm of urine therapy. But no matter. Each person is free to choose. They may use my lecture only people who want to have a healthier lifestyle, natural and enjoyable. The urine therapy is for reconstruction and perfection of health and happiness.

The ten major effects of Urine Therapy:

1) In the short term, urine therapy can relieve constipation and digestive difficulties, through diarrhea or defecation tremendous, normalizing the function of the stomach and intestines, which is essential for health. The brain is refreshed and the body is filled with a lot of energy and encouragement pleasant defecation.

2) Through the super-defecation relatively short time, are resolved or improved general and parasitic infections, headache, migraine, back pain, menstrual pain, pain in joints and bones, toothache , general complaints, to depression. I do not get tired. You're not going to suffer from flu. It cures hemorrhoids fine until, the buzz and the view cloudy. You will feel, for the first time in life, as one of the protagonists of this world.

3) Is improved and certainly spirally, repeating recuperative reactions, chronic persistent and annoying as allergy and atopy. Sometimes it scares some reaction, like a ghost face, but stay calm and without fear! They have to be always cheerful with much applause from the heart, because the ills that were inside the body are being expelled, healing signal. There is no need to go to the doctor.

4) Urine therapy as alternative cancer treatment - Regarding benign and malignant tumors, AIDS, diabetes, hypertension, heart failure, kidney, liver, etc.., Also called "diseases of civilization", some slowly and others suddenly improve, of course with recuperative reactions. Important, do not be tied to the symptoms appear, the "healing crisis" and the results of the medical examination. The disease is cured when their time comes. When your time comes, will not heal, but do any effort. Stay calm! Wait time to heal slowly. Not worse, going to the hospital!

5) Using urine therapy you will see things very clear eyes. You can listen very well to others. They return every way as if they were children. They will not like unnatural things for your body, you will not like meat, fat, instant meals or having flavorings, preservatives, dyes, transgenic, all kinds of drugs, vaccines, mafia, things not have life. They will not natural things like artificial and unnatural. The facial and body skin soften and rejuvenate as a young girl, and you'll like get loud and flashy makeup. You're going to like natural things.

Effects Of Urine Therapy!

6) No longer will you have the dependence of liquors, cigarettes, drugs, coffee, little luxuries, and one day, without realizing it, the abandon, or only occasionally enjoy without obsession. Fascinate you the most natural and simple, they have more life.

7) Urine therapy greatly improves sensitivity and sexual ability. His energy boom will peak. You will like the most natural way of sexuality, freeing some self bias or depression. It controls excess sexual energy and naturally complements for failure. The sexual life will no longer be tired or bored, with mutual respect, will become a wonderful life with a lot of fantasy.

8) You will free yourself naturally from the overwrought, of obsession, of formalism, of authoritarianism, of the greed for money and honor, discussion selfish ... and you will feel much freer and able in this world. As you practice more, you want more unity, sincere relationships with people and with nature - the universe. I will arise many ideas and a desire to help people, and to the joy of others will become yours.

9) Take urine therapy with great joy, but for no reason, have a great desire to walk, run and dance, and firmly and sincerely want to embrace others / as. They take away the stains, wrinkles, moles senile. Recover past memories and things of yesterday. I'll look weaknesses as strengths, and the strengths and weaknesses. It becomes possible to truly discover oneself completely and meekly acknowledging "how are you and how are you now". Drinking your own urine increases self-esteem.

10) With the use of urine therapy will increase the power of intuition, the sixth sense and spirituality. You will feel the mystery and breathing life into the stream and the momentous change of large clouds in the titileos of the stars and even the wild herbs that oscillate in the wind. We feel very close, almost equal, our existence to the horses and cows in the pasture, to a number of groups of birds who live and sing in the choir of the orchestra of the forest, the dogs and feral to scorpions, lizards, cockroaches moving in the kitchen and bathroom, to the grasshopper and a multitude of troops egenes in the rainy season, even the ants and spiders are making their nests. It is becoming more interesting to talk with them. The existence of God, Budda, Nature, the Universe, the more heart-felt than words, and now understand the shallowness and vanity of the "wisdom" full human with heart Peace, obtained by means of having joined a Peace of the Universe. We naturally arises the feeling of welcome, of heart, a soul thanks to all beings and all presences who have supported us and we have embraced to be born, grow and die in this world, a beautiful world!

"Always consult your doctor or specialist before undergoing any diet, treatment or exercise program."

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