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Penis Enlargement: Arabic Jelq TechniquePenis Enlargement: Arabic Jelq Technique, How It Could Benefit Your Sexual Health

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No matter what you've heard from doctors and friends, today I tell you the truth, it's totally possible to increase the size of your penis with a natural and safe technique.

Whether you want to increase the length, thickness, and have strong and lasting erections, this is possible through the realization of the right hand exercises.

There is also surgery for penis enlargement, but as in any operation there are risks and unfortunately in most cases leaves the penis worse than its original condition, including the patient may leave a permanent impotence.

There are many advertisements for "miracle" creams and pills that say X number of inches enlarge your penis overnight or recently a plastic prosthesis to help but can eliminate the sensitivity of the penis. So beware of such penis enlargement scams.

Another option is the vacuum pump, with which you will get temporary results, If you fail to use the penis will return to its original size or cause damage if used in an inappropriate manner.

The only method that really works, and also he is much cheaper and offers permanent results is to exercise the penis, in the following paragraphs we will tell you what exercises you need to do to have a penis bigger and stronger.

That if, for the exercises to work properly you must be disciplined and consistent to obtain the desired results.

The Arabic Jelq method

This method was used by the Sudanese Arabs for many centuries as an integral part of their culture. Having a large and well developed penis was a sign of fertility and power, which was very attractive to women. Parents taught their children the Jelq exercise to reach adolescence and practiced for 30 minutes daily to reach adulthood. The penises of some Arabs came to measure up to 50 cm long and 20 cm of girth.

Surely if we all had trained since adolescence as do the Jelq, we would all have giant penises. After a year of constantly practicing Jelquin average measures of the penises of young was 25 cm long and 15 cm in circumference.

This technique gives results as in making the blood is pumped into the voids of the corpus cavernosum of the penis that are normally restricted to a certain size.

To continue making the Jelq for a long time, cavernous spaces continually enlarged over extending the erectile tissue. By continuing with business as usual spaces and healing is continually increasing throughout the night while resting. In a month or two you can see small increases in the size and firmness of the penis, but after the third or fourth month, the results can be truly amazing, so I say that if you really want to have a bigger penis, constancy and patience is the key to its success.

Health & Nutrition

The quality of our diet is a key factor in our energy, our overall health and of course, to our sexual performance.

We recommend eating a balanced diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables (green leafy vegetables are the best)

You can eat in the wild or natural juices, you should also eat high-protein foods like fish, chicken or egg whites.

If you want to learn how to do Jelq properly, read the related articles found below this paragraph, and many more techniques to control premature ejaculation and how to satisfy women fully.

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