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Music is the heart of life. For she talks love, without it there is quite possible and with it everything is beautiful.
~ Franz Liszt

Music Therapy

In the Music Therapy or Musical Therapy, using music and sound to meet needs both physical, the emotional, cognitive and social. In this sense it is a comprehensive discipline, therefore suitable to be inserted as the protagonist in the modern trend towards a holistic understanding of health, i.e. based on a conception of the patient as a whole mind-body-spirit. Check it out the next Music Therapy articles.

Music Therapy An Alternative To Cure Or Reduce Many Health Problems!

Music Therapy: An Alternative To Cure Or Reduce Many Health Problems

Music therapy uses music to cure or reduce many health problems like stress, depression and many more.

focal music therapy in pregnancy

Focal Music Therapy in Pregnancy... where is it?

Focal music therapy in pregnancy, there are three main areas on which we work. They are: First link to the about to be born, second welfare of the mother and third unborn child himself.