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Magnetic Bracelets relieve Osteoarthritis PainMagnetic Therapy: Magnetic Bracelets relieve Osteoarthritis Pain!

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Magnetic bracelets that supposedly relieve aching muscles and joints, has long since proved its effectiveness in a clinical study in patients suffering from knee and hip osteoarthritis. However, the patient should continue with their conventional treatment while using the magnetic therapy.

Although these bracelets are a worldwide bestseller raising more than four billion dollars annually its effectiveness was questionable because it was not scientifically proven. Now this type of magnetic jewelry can be used profitably as a part of the treatment of patients with osteoarthritis, said that by Tim Harlow, principal signatory of work and family doctor in the College Surgery in Cullompton (United Kingdom).

The studies showed no effect on pain, generally used weaker magnets. The studies that have found a positive effect used stronger magnets (47 and 180 micro-teslas). Harlow and his team commented that after having carried out the research published in a number of British Medical Journal, "these findings suggest that the magnetic field strength is important".

The study of Magnetic Bracelets:

In the clinical study involving nearly two hundred patients between 45 and 80 years who were suffering from osteoarthritis in the knee or hip, which in addition to their usual medication given a bracelet ionized between 170 and 200 micro-Tesla, a magnetic bracelet or burden either a placebo device (inactive).

After twelve weeks of monitoring, the authors found that among those who had taken the first artifact, the pain had eased further. "The analysis on the scale of pain showed a significant difference between the group that was using powerful magnets and those using placebos"

This effect was regardless of whether the patient suspected that type of device was used in the test (some knew that his bracelet was magnetized either because they felt a relief in pain and noticed that some metal objects like keys reacted with bracelet)

However, the authors acknowledge: "Our study does not completely solve the degree to which the effect of magnetic bracelets is specific or due to a placebo effect". "We can not say whether our data show a specific effect of magnets, a placebo effect or both", emphasized.

Some Tips for Use Magnetic Bracelets:

No matter what the device used for magnet therapy, magnetic bracelet, copper bracelets, magnetic wrist, magnetic rings, magnetic earrings, the benefit of this alternative therapy seems clinically useful. This means that patients with osteoarthritis can safely test magnetic bracelets (170 or more micro-Tesla) to help reduce rheumatic pain.

It is very important to note that this therapy complements your current medication, so she must not leave even if the patient feels relief with the use of magnetic bracelets, should not use if you have a pacemaker.

It is noteworthy that the study was conducted in mostly white people with mild arthritis, should not have problems with ethnicity, but not the others ask your doctor before starting with this alternative or complementary treatment.

With respect to other types of muscular pains, said a British physician is not sure if it would obtain the same results, but most likely so it is recommended that before trying a bracelet of good quality, consult the physician.

As you can see the magnetic bracelets really work provided they are of quality and at least 170 micro-tesla, so be careful before buying one to review carefully the specifications and not just the material they are made as titanium or stainless steel, or just for its design.

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