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Treat Premature Ejaculation and Have a Healthy ProstateKegel Exercise: Treat Premature Ejaculation and Have a Healthy Prostate

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This Kegel exercise will be one of the most importants to our reproductive system. It is the exercise that puts in shape, our PC muscle, which is good condition for our prostate health, proper irrigation of the entire system, control ejaculation and its volume, the strength of our erections and time duration. And all this in the sexual aspect, but also help in our old age we do not use adult diapers.

Summarizing what you can do this simple exercise for your sexual health... WOW!

This exercise was developed by Dr. Arnold Kegel, a gynecologist who saw the need for some women to exercise the PC muscle after giving birth. After more detailed studies the conclusion was reached that all Kegels are beneficial for the entire female reproductive system in general and not only after birth. Of course she also came to the conclusion that is good and most recommended even for man, and today is known to be recommended for a healthy prostate.

What we describe below as Kegel 1, this excercise. To learn about Kegel 2 please review the article for that topic.

Discovering the PC muscle

Kegel Exercise: Treat Premature Ejaculation and Have a Healthy Prostate! To work on the PC muscle (Pubococcugeus Muscles), we first have to have it properly identified, we feel it and learn to manage it at will. Have you ever stopped to urinate voluntarily urine flow? You never moved the penis without touching it with your hands?

If your answers were YES, congratulations because you already know which is the PC muscle. If your answers were NO, try it right now. If you can stop the flow of urine and move the penis without hands so good, if not thank have come to this website.

How to do Kegel Exercises

To begin our muscles into shape pelvic, and particularly the PC do the following:

Flex your anus (close), if, start there, these muscles all humans to maintain state. Slowly bend them. As this is closed tightly, flexing continue, more and more until they no longer can.

Contains this flexion for 10 seconds and then release slowly. Wait another 10 seconds before the next flexion, to this we refer to as a repetition.

10 seconds should not be timed, is an approximate time, the idea that the release of muscle contraction and follow the rhythm of the breath as described below.

Along with all year has flexed her pelvic muscles, including the PC muscle. With time and exercise alone can feel the muscle PC to full control.

The idea is to do for the rest of your life 3 sets of 10 repetitions distributed throughout the day (eg 10 reps in the morning before getting out of bed, 10 in the afternoon at work, and 10 by night before bed).

When you start to do Kegel exercises, these three sets must be performed 1 day and rest the next day, with the aim of strengthening the PC muscle gradually without the risk of tiring. Moving to a higher level and for the rest of his life we recommend you do the routine three days straight and comfortable rest the next day.

As I have said before, do this exercise for life, even after having achieved their objectives to maintain its healthy prostate and reproductive system in perfect condition forever.

If you are looking how to enlarge your penis naturally recommend you see articles about Jelq Technique Exercises.

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