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How to Enlarge Your Penis in a 100% Natural WayJelq Technique: How to Enlarge Your Penis in a 100% Natural Way!

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Without a doubt Jelq exercise is the best technique to enlarge your penis in a 100% natural way, there are many variations of this as the Kegel. This exercise has hundreds of years old and still practiced by their proven effectiveness.

The Jelq method should be practiced daily to maintain the corpora cavernosa in good condition and circulation. Generally be practiced for three straight months to see significant results, although sometimes she will get results from the first three weeks.

Before starting your routine of Jelq technique, you should do a warm-up, you should start by pulling out your penis lightly taking it lightly around the head and rotate your penis in circles pulling it gently. Do this for a few minutes before adding the hot towel (this is done by dipping a towel or cloth in hot water and wrapping the penis with her a few seconds, repeat this operation three or four times, this helps the blood flowing through the tissues of the penis).

Once you've completed the warm, dry well your penis and testicles to not affect the lubrication. Apply Lubrication to your penis well using some sexual lubricant (baby oils or Vaseline can also work). Never use soap as a lubricant because you can damage the skin of the penis causing excessive redness and burning.

The Jelq technique is also known as "milk technique" from the resemblance that is shaped to perform Jelqing exercise.

How To Do The Jelq Exercise? Should be done as follows:

  • It should gently massage the penis to achieve a partial erection 70-80% (It is very important not to run the Jelq with an erection of 100% to avoid the risk of injury, if it happens to wait a bit to reduce your erection level a little).
  • Form a circle with your thumb and index finger starting from the base of the penis (It is OK being a sign of the penis in the middle while the fingers together to pull the penis)
  • Slowly slide your thumb and forefinger circle tightened to the head of your penis, forcing blood to concentrate in the erectile tissue and glans.
  • The cavities of the corpora cavernosa become larger every time the penis is milked out. When the fingers of a hand reaching the head of the penis before releasing the head, the same movement starts from the base of the penis with the other hand, again and again to a slow or regular speed.
  • The minimum duration of the Jelq session must be at least 30 minutes, at first it may feel a little irritation on the skin of the penis, over time this will decrease irritation once you get used to the routine, which is why important proper lubrication before starting your session of Jelquing exercise.


  • At first practice 300 movements of Jelq daily, after making the warm and hot wrap. Each move should take about one second from that begins at the base of the penis to the base of the head. Do this for a week and can combine with 100 Kegel (See the corresponding article in this category), this will help increase blood flow and progressive growth of the penis permanently.
  • The second week you should increase the intensity. Make ten minutes of continuous Jelq strokes, followed by 200 Kegels do not less at least feel pain, which is very unlikely, apply hot wrap for ten minutes to complete the session.
  • The third week you should be ready to perform the Jelq for 30 minutes. To do so requires willpower and not everyone who started with this treatment will do, simply because of laziness, at this stage you should place the hot wrap for 10 minutes before exercise. Once you start your routine do not stop and keep a watch on hand so you know when to stop. Finish your workout with a warm jacket and 300 Kegel contractions. Continuing with this program for five weeks and then create your own routine according to your needs.

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