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Urine Therapy TreatmentHow To Start With Urine Therapy Treatment For All Diseases And Age

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All diseases can be cured by Urine Therapy

Within yourself is your own medicine, because you're made ​​in the image and likeness of God, and Father Divine and Merciful as he was not going to forget the disease, he knew that man would end well, sick, corrupted cancer and AIDS.

God foresaw all from the early centuries, and formed the WATER OF LIFE. And he thought: where do I hide ...? In the sea ... said! No! ... Why men will be in its future and find it, then hide in the sky thought and said No!, why men fly like birds and you will find the hide within the earth, and the only answer ... No! ... scrutinize for man and mother earth will find! very thoughtful and concerned about her face suddenly lit up already! said already! The hide ... within man himself ... to make them more difficult to find and who finds it first has to ask me.


How To Start With Urine Therapy Treatment For All Diseases And Age:

First Week

Take every day in the morning before to have breakfast, a 1/4 of glass or the quantity you want. a few drops every day to elevate your immune system, take every day is important regardless of the amount for any disease. It does not hurt if they take more, we recommend a small amount to take away the disgust ourselves. They can take a glass, if you like the important thing is to love our urine and take it as a natural water, remove the mental block. And see the positive side, take it with love.

"if we love ourselves, we can not ever love our neighbor"

Second Week

Drink a glass daily in the morning, fasting. If you like, you can take all day the volume is not the healing if not the most important thing is consistency to do it everyday if taken daily, but there are healing slowly, if done fasting detoxification is faster.

Third Week

And fasting can be done: three to four days straight every month. Do not take any food, urine and water only natural. You can do more days if you wish in any case, a tea without sugar only when the pain but it is best to do only urine and water, urine works as a food for all the vitamins and hormones it contains. Remember that many people have saved their lives in earthquakes by taking the urine, if you urinate a lot, just take half a small cup and water whenever you want. Offer the spiritually elevated fasting to have more to do with more spirituality and love for Christ, and you will see the body heal from gastritis, colitis, asthma, in one or two months, diabetes, ulcers, epilepsy, two or three months of treatment varicose veins, cancer, scleroderma, lupus erythematosus in three to five months etc. Thank God.

Scientific Principle

The reason why is because we heal boost the immune system of our body (our antibodies). And the urine therapy makes a physical-chemical balance, mental and spiritual balance.


Is recommended for simple illnesses, conducting fasts, weekly and monthly until yourself look and feel your own healing. Fasting can be for an indefinite period or for lifetime if you want, is something that helps man's spirituality, see the world from another point of view. Fasts can be 3 or 4 days a month, or if you want more days of no matter it is not eating anything all day, only the urine and served with natural water no food. If the first day you feel a little hungry, drink water. And the intestines return to normal. The second day will have nothing of hunger, may show diarrhea, do not panic, because this is just a detox is important to drink plenty of natural water and continue with their normal lives. For serious and chronic diseases can be fasting from 4 to maximum 15 or 20 days, just in case you were seriously ill.

Upon completion of any fast, you must restart feeding as follows:

How to break the fasts

a) break it only with fruits and vegetables with high water content.

b) the next day, eating fruits and vegetables with a bit more of weight.

c) the third day, after breaking the fast, you can eat dairy products and flour, no eat meat (only once per month). Try the food not be so heavy.

d) continue with their daily doses of urine, fasting until the following month and drink plenty of natural water and especially no preservatives or processed products.

General Recommendations

1 .- Do not let the urine over 15 minutes, because it is contaminated with environmental bacteria.

How To Start Urine Therapy

2 .- Is must take one's own urine. not taking someone else urine.

3 .- Do not be suspended during menstruation or sexual intercourse when there you can take a shower before, urine is not contaminated.

4 .- Use preferably keep utensils clean glass (not plastic)

5 .- Do not discontinue medication drastically, it does not hurt to take them along with the urine. (although it is better to minimize)

6 .- Reduce the consumption of canned goods, soda, red meats and sausages. Drink plenty of natural water.

Note: There may be flu, diarrhea, do not stop treatment and do not panic, recuperative reactions are not going to give any symptoms that he had not felt before, keep taking the urine and plenty of water.

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