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How To Get Rid Of Stretch MarksHow To Get Rid Of Stretch Marks - Natural Home Remedies

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Stretch marks are a nightmare and a terrible skin disease that if not treated in time will become dreadful marks all over his body.

But, what are stretch marks?

The skin is the largest organ of the human body, it meets many functions ranging from contact with the atmosphere to temperature regulation. In recent decades aesthetics prominently, why care of the skin takes hierarchy.

There are several imperfections that can appear on the skin, which can worsen the appearance of the person. Stretch marks appear in some body areas and are a big problem especially in women. Faced with this health issue arise several alternative treatments and home remedies to get rid of stretch marks.

The stretch marks, are areas of uneven skin in the form of long, slender body some sectors. They are skin atrophy, which can be seen with classical white or red stretch marks, depending on its time evolution. Stretch marks occur on the connective tissue that lies immediately below the epidermis (the outermost layer of skin).

In women remove stretch marks prominently in its body care, using a wide variety of products, not all effective in their resolution.

There are some areas of the body that's are more prone to stretch marks, within which are: the hips, buttocks, low and lateral belly, arms, thighs and legs. To a lesser extent may appear on the back and breasts. To eliminate the stretch marks must consider not only its constitution, you need to know their origin causes.

Check out the following home remedies to learn how to get rid of stretch marks

If you suffer from those annoying anti-aesthetic and skin stretch marks on (in typical areas such as legs, glutes, breasts, back ...) and want to reduce or even erase you must be consistent in the ongoing applications, if so, will get very good results. The products are easily affordable and you can find them in any pantry, pharmacy or beauty center.

"You can use more than one of these home remedies to remove stretch marks at the same time to speed up the process."

Musk Rose oil and almond oil to treat old stretch marks (recommended by users)

They are very beneficial for the skin, have regenerant qualities and help a lot to remove the marks of stretch marks. Apply at least once a day the musk rose oil and almond oil after every shower.

Avocado cream to cure stretch mark

Mix the pulp of half an avocado with a tablespoon of lemon and honey. Apply the mixture every day giving circular massage.

Horsetail to combat stretch marks

For its wealth of silicon (naturally regenerating) the horsetail treatments are effective in the treatment of stretch marks, especially those of more recent generation.

Marinate 100 gr horsetail and about Eight drops of lemon in a liter of alcohol at 40 ° for One month. Dilute with water to 50% and massage the affected areas twice daily.

Carrot pulp in another good treatment to remove stretch marks naturally

Put some steamed carrots until they are soft. They are crushed until a puree and as applied in the affected area. Leave on for half an hour and rinse with cold water. Hot water is very bad for stretch marks and skin stretching.

Unguent to remove old and pregnant stretch marks

Take five beetroot purple shells, shells five peaches and heart of a carrot. Blend everything and apply on the white stripes. With this ointment you the stretch marks disappear forever.

Snail slime to delete stretch marks(recommended by users)

Recent studies reveal that the snail gel contains highly effective nutrients to regenerate damaged tissues.

The application of snail protein in areas affected by stretch marks, removes and replaces damaged cells with new cells regenerating tissues and restoring the natural look and rejuvenated skin. It's an excellent stretch mark removal.

It's recommended accompany snail protein treatments with moisturizers because this substance tends to be astringent and drying.

Carrot and almond milk to hide stretch marks

Scratch two carrots and mix with almond milk so that it forms a paste. Apply to the affected area and leave as long as possible.

Natural remedy for pregnancy stretch marks on breasts

Half lemon rind and egg yolk. Grind lemon peel in a blender and add the egg yolk. Stir well and apply the mixture at that time covering the breasts and leave on for several minutes. For best results you can alternate this treatment with the former.

Grape remedies for stretch

The grape is a very interesting cosmetic for the protection and beautification of the skin to be one of the best moisturizers, so the hydrate and recover from the effects of dryness.

The pulp of this fruit spread on the stretch marks as a mask for 20 or 30 minutes is a good resource to help them go away or prevent their formation.

Aloe Vera to cure stretch marks

Use on stretch marks strongly and aloe vera gel regularly, especially recommended when you go to sleep.

How to make homemade creams to remove stretch marks

Vitamin E is a powerful antioxidant vitamin, has the ability to protect cells from the skin of the elements that produce degeneration thus preventing, among other conditions, the formation of stretch marks.

Homemade cream to remove stretch marks

Mix 1000 IU of vitamin E with a tablespoon of olive oil. Massaging the affected area of stretch marks a few times each day. It is a useful remedy to reduce stomach the stretch marks and breasts.

Arnica cream

It is ideal for the treatment of stretch marks. Apply gentle on the stomach four times a day.

Calendula cream

With the same properties as arnica. Apply equally.

Sage cream to treat stretch marks at home

Mix a cup of sage oil, 5 tablespoons of wheat germ oil and two tablespoons of melted lanolin. Heat in a double boiler and then let cool. Spread the cream on the affected area before bedtime.

We encourage you to try these recipes and find your perfect homemade cream and learn how to prevent stretch marks.

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