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The Secret Uses of LemonHome Remedies - The Secret Uses of Lemon

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The lemon and lime are two citrus, belonging to the family Rutaceae. This family comprises more than 1,600 species. The botanic genus Citrus is the most important of the group, and consists of about 20 species with edible fruits all very rich in vitamin C, flavonoids and essential oils. The fruits, called Hesperides, have the peculiarity that its endocarp is composed of numerous vesicles full of juice.

The lemon and lime are used primarily to flavor or make the flavor of other fruits or dishes and culinary preparations.

Origin and varieties of lemon

The lemon is produced in mild climate zones and is now cultivated in all tropical and subtropical regions of the world, especially in Italy, Spain, Portugal and the United States. The plant traveled from the Middle East to Spain and North Africa during the Middle Ages. The lime is native to Southeast Asia, Persia (Iran) and Malaysia, although it is cultivated in all tropical and many subtropical countries.

The most traded lemon varieties:

Eureka lemon: the fruit is of medium size, elliptical or ovoid. It is a seedless variety and lots of juice. Its cultivation is spread throughout the world, while the United States is in the lead in terms of production.

Lisbon lemon: juicy, sour and rough bark. The fruit is of medium size, elliptical or oblong. Seed content is variable, but greater than Eureka. Harvesting is done during the winter to early spring.

Primofiori lemon: also called fine, its shape is spherical to oval. The rind of the fruit is thin, smooth and has a lot of juice and a delicate acidity. Higher seed has the variety Verna.

Verna lemon: its shape is elongated and ends just pointed. Almost no seeds and has a relatively low level of acidity. It is a major European lemon varieties produced in Spain and Italy.

The best time for lemon

The lemon and lime are available in our markets throughout the year. Collection periods in Spain Lemon Primofiori ranging from early October to late February. Those of Verna and Eureka, from early February to late May.


Form: lemon has an oval or elliptical, depending on variety.

Size and weight: Lemons are calibrated on a scale of descending diameters between 0 and 9, with 0 being a diameter of about 85 mm and 9 to about 30.

Color: lemon is a yellow-green fruit with a strong crust that hides a fluffy white coat and tasteless and pale flesh is yellowish tone, consisting of eight or ten segments or segments that contain little nuggets.

Taste: The flavor of lemon is acidic and very nice.

How to choose the best lemons

Should choose those lemons that seem heavy for their size, with smooth skin, firm, shiny and bright green. Small brown spots that can occur in the skin, but remove them attractive, do not affect the flavor. Should be discarded or dried soft parts.

Lemons healthy, devoid of defects caused by injury due to handling and transportation, sunburn, frost, hail, viruses, fungi causing rotting or bad cold storage (incorrect temperature, humidity and ventilation) can be preserved perfectly and for several weeks at room temperature without using a refrigerator. If using cold sources can be kept in good condition up to a month.

Home Remedies made it from Lemon

Home Remedies made it from Lemon

Lemon remedy for Chills: Take the juice of a large lemon or two small, to be added to it a pint of hot water, and sweeten to taste. Drink it as hot as possible.

Use lemon to remove the tan: Wash skin with the juice of a lemon.

Lemon to relieve Colds: Take the juice of 2 lemons mixed with the same amount of honey. Take a teaspoon of this mixture every 10 or 15 minutes.

Lemon to cure Headache: The juice of half a lemon added to a cup of strong tea will relieve the pain.

Lemon for Styes in the eyes: Tie a small piece of lemon into the eyelid closed. Change it every 2 hours.

Lemon as brushing teeth and mouth: The juice of half a lemon added to half a glass of water is excellent because it removes plaque and whitens teeth.

Lemon to remove ink stains from hands: With half a lemon rub hands thoroughly.

Lemon to relieve scurvy: The lemon juice taken 3 times a day is very beneficial.

Lemon remedy for hemorrhage: Lemon juice mixed with an equal amount of cold water taken every 1-2 hours cut bleeding.

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