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Properties and Benefits of Honey BeesHome Remedies, Properties and Benefits of Honey Bees

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Properties of Honey Bees

The honey bee is a product that bees make from the transformation of the nectar of flowers, and is used with full power purposes in the hive. Honey bees has been widely studied for its large number of properties as an antiseptic, invigorating, soothing, laxative, diuretic and germicide, and benefits to the human body.

Benefits of honey bees

The domesticated honey generally has a rich flavor and is used mainly to sweeten and prepare some foods, but the main benefit of honey is in its antibacterial, anti-inflammatory, antiseptic and soothing.

  • Take a teaspoon of honey at breakfast gives us more energy for our daily physical activities.
  • The lemon bee honey, relieves the discomfort of the throat, to relieve cough and fever.
  • A property of the little known bee honey is that it helps people who suffer from gastric ulcers Just take a teaspoon of honey in empty stomach and do not eat food for at least an hour.
  • The bee honey helps keep you away from infections due to its antiseptic properties.
  • Wounds and Burns also heal with honey as antiseptic and healing properties help prevent infection and speed the healing of the skin.
The honey bee is a probiotic food that contains oligosaccharides that increase the population own bacterial flora naturally, improving digestive health and immune system.
Other properties of the honey bees

Besides being effective to treat skin wounds, cough and other respiratory conditions, as well as have calming effects on the body, the honey bee is also known for its benefits in treating allergies, lowering cholesterol, preventing heart problems and constipation due to its laxative effects.

Two or three teaspoons of honey daily dose are perfect to sweeten your food without getting fat, and if you have an infection or you can increase the dose need a bit to cover your requirements. Remember that the benefits of honey are seen over time, and its frequent use is recommended but do not overdo it get fat!

Types of honey bees

Properties and Benefits of Honey Bees!

Thyme Honey - Honey bee collected in fields of thyme, has great diuretic properties and aids digestion

Lavender Honey - has antiseptic properties that help fight respiratory problems, it is recommended remedies for cough and laryngitis, its flavor is intense.

Rosemary Honey - this bee honey rosemary harvested fields, is especially effective in liver problems and chronic fatigue, intense amber color and is very tasty.

Lemon Honey - This honey has relaxing properties, so it is advisable in cases of insomnia and people suffering from stress. Its color is quite light compared to other honeys

Home Remedies with Honey Bees

Home Remedy for insomnia using Honey Bee - Mix two tablespoons of bee honey in a glass of warm milk, take before bedtime.

Natural Remedie for Cough - Mix 4 tablespoons of bee honey with the juice of a lemon, heated in water bath and let stand. Take one teaspoon every 2 hours.

Remedy for intestinal disorders - Boil a jug of water with enough honey and taken daily for 1-2 cups, this preparation helps restore intestinal flora.

Honey Remedy for stomach ulcers - Take a teaspoon of honey in empty stomach, one hour before taking any other food, honey let dissolve slowly in the mouth before swallowing slowly.

Natural Remedy for Stress and Anxiety - Take a teaspoon of honey 6 times a day, providing peace of mind and relaxes the body.

Stay tuned for more effective home remedies with honey to cure some diseases very soon, Book mark us!

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