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Unleash the Power of Your MindHolistic Medicine: Unleash the Power of Your Mind

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Holistic medicine is based on the instinctive intelligence that runs through the nervous system of our bodies. This type of therapy considers the patient as one with nature, as quantum physics says that everything is related and there is constant communication. Thus, we must admit that there are many factors that influence health and disease. This communication occurs equally between the doctor and his patient, cultural values and attitudes of the family with the sick.

We will briefly quantum philosophy of the disease:

We have to believe and accept that there is a quantum communication between our body and brain.

We should not cling to old concepts and mind-body duality as separate organs.

The brain is an organ that does not act independently, but it acts by our thoughts, whether positive or negative, but we who induce such thoughts.

The brain like any part of our body, requires a specific feed, that means feeding information, exercises of imagination, knowledge and mental work.

Before the healing process should love our body, not repudiate due to illness. It is as if our body was a sanctuary where we worship and respect.

We understand that healing our body through holistic medicine or any other alternative or conventional medicine is not the only worry when we are sick, but it must be considered when we are healthy and prevent disease. This is only possible if we listen to our body.

A simple discomfort, a headache or minor stroke should be occasional situations to practice healing. In the same way we take when we are well to remember our body must be in harmony and balance.

This new paradigm requires us to admit that we must dispense with what was previously understood by healing.

In any healing, however small it may be, learn about the communication with our bodies. The positive side of the disease is that we learn if we listen and act with our minds.

One of the characteristics of self-healing is to overcome the identification with the fears and doubts.

The voice of our Brain

In the same way as we take care of certain parts of our body such as skin, feet, muscles, hair, etc. the brain needs special care. we must not only exercise it continuously. Not only must we work on being aware, if we feed him enough food to function properly, either with vitamins and natural supplements with a healthy diet. Do not worry about our health and our body affects the brain. As stated above, everything is closely together and if we abandon the one hand this will affect the other. The brain has a large neuronal plasticity, neurons die but at the same time remaining regroup to keep the same functions, and also now know from recent neurological discoveries that new hormones also arise at any age.

"...All walks of life, from the general to the plant are connected, and that connection goes beyond the material."

~ David Servan (psychiatrist and neurologist)

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