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High Protein Diet for Natural Weight LossHigh Protein Diet for Natural Weight Loss

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One of the best ways to lose weight naturally is a high protein diet with more lean meats, low-fat dairy products and vegetables, according to a study by the University of Copenhagen.

In the next study will see how it has been demonstrated clinically the effectiveness of diets high in protein for Natural Weight Loss both adults and children in relation to other types of diets such as low-carb, remember to follow our recommendations and tips from our articles related to you have a healthier life and lose weight quickly and safely.

A study published in the New England Journal of Medicine, says he also should reduce the consumption of refined starches such as bread and white rice, and notes that the current official nutritional recommendations are not sufficient to prevent obesity.

The investigation includes the results of further study of the world on diet, the Project Diogenes (Diet, Obesity and Genes), conducted since 2005 in eight European countries with funding from the European Union and managed by the University of Copenhagen.

The objective was to compare the official dietary recommendations in Europe with a diet based on the latest knowledge on the importance of proteins and carbohydrates to regulate appetite.

"Our research documents that if the authorities want to prevent obesity, should advise people to eat more protein", said Thomas Meinert Larsen, a director of the project.

Larsen also emphasized the desirability of eating vegetables and fruits with broad fiber content, for example, apples and pears before bananas and kiwis.

The study included 772 European families, including 938 adults and 827 children.

Adults initially followed for 8 weeks on a diet of 800 kilocalories per day, losing an average of 11 kg, and were then allocated for another 6 months five different low-fat diets to assess which was most effective in preventing regain weight.

The best results were those who followed the diet rich in protein, weight gain 0.93 kg less than those who were ordered to a low in protein, the study said.

For those receiving a low-glycemic index, weight gain was 0.95 kg less than those who reported a diet high in glycemic index.

The research among 827 children, published in the American Medical Journal Pediatrics, offered surprising results.

Children, 45% of whom were obese, were not subjected to a low calorie diet, but ate the same food as their parents.

In those who followed a diet rich in protein, low glycemic index, the prevalence of overweight decreased spontaneously from 46 to 39%.

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