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Discover the Truth about Herbal MedicinesHerbal remedies: Discover the Truth about Herbal Medicines

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Herbal remedies are a variety of products made from plants that are sold for their health benefits. About four hundred thousand different plants are used in these products, of which only a few have been tested scientifically. Because they are natural, it is said that herbal remedies are safer than pharmaceutical drugs. Not having gone through many processes and testing costs are lower than conventional medicine in most cases.

Many pharmaceutical drugs have been developed from natural pplants through a field of science called pharmacognosy or phytochemical. A clear example is aspirin, which is a slightly modified version of a compound found in willow. Penicillin is still produced from a fungus. Pharmaceutical companies regularly take herbal remedies, isolated the chemical that causes the desired effect, test the drug for safety and effectiveness, and then brought to market in a purified form. The pure drug can be taken from its original source or can be made synthetically. In contrast, herbal remedies are marketed as the original plant material without any purification. Usually contains less of the active ingredients contained in drug formulations.

Due to laws passed in 1994, herbal remedies and are not reviewed by the FDA to establish safety and effectiveness. Are regulated as dietary supplements, buta often are used as drugs. This lack of regulation has generated a number of problems because often there is no certainty that natural remedies work or contain ingredients printed on labels. Other substances found in herbal remedies, including active pharmaceutical occasionally gives them some purpose. Even if you had the same amount of plant material in different batches, the amount of any active ingredient may be very different in both. The plants go through cycles in the production of medicinal products, and concentrations of active ingredients vary depending on how the plant stores. If standardized tests do not apply, different batches of herbal remedies can vary widely in their effectiveness.

While claiming that herbal remedies are safer than pharmaceutical drugs, many of them are toxic. Each year there are people affected by overdose sometimes caused by these variations in power. Herbal medicines can interact with like pills and other medications, which can lead to dangerous side effects. While proponents of alternative therapies are critical of the marketing of conventional medicine, natural medicine also represents a great business. His big gains in power are a strong incentive to promote sales and avoid regulation.

It is believed that herbal remedies work because this "spiritually vitalized." Herbs, particularly hallucinogens, are often used in witchcraft and shamanism to access the world of spirits. In these contexts, herbal remedies are tools to promote eye care activities. So discernment is required, and should be investigated the backgrounds of those who manufacture and promote these potions.

In general can be useful herbal remedies whose effectiveness has been demonstrated. But many other unknown effects, no effect or harmful effects. Accurate information about natural remedies can be difficult to find but on this page you can find everything you need to know about alternative medicine.

To determine which natural remedies are safe and effective I recommend the book "The honest herbal: a sensible guide to the use of herbs and related remedies" by Varro Tyler, or see all the information you need on our site, if you have any specific questions or want to write about a particular concern please contact us.

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