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Herbal Remedies for Weakness of Sight and Eye PainHerbal Remedies for Weakness of Sight and Eye Pain (Oftalmodinia)

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List of the six herbal remedies to relieve naturally the Eye Pain (oftalmodinia), Select the remedy that is most practical for you. All these herbs are easy to get and cheap.

Essence of Arnica for sore eyes

It should rub several times a day closed eyelids and the corners of the eyelid with a few drops of essence of Arnica. Petals are torn envelope arnica green calyx and filled a jar in his two-thirds brandy is poured over wheat, 38-40% alcoholic and left the bottle at rest in a warm place for at least two weeks. Part of the essence so prepared is filtered, while the remainder is left in contact with the petals inside the bottle. After having poured the liquid into smaller bottles can be refilled large bottle with alcohol.

The essence of Arnica to be bought at the pharmacy, 75% alcohol content, should be lowered to half with boiled water and cooled before using it in the prevention of burns and skin wounds. If not diluted the essence of arnica can cause blistering of the skin.

Calamus juice for Weakness

With the juice of freshly pressed calamus root, is invigorating weak eyes. Roots were washed thoroughly, and not dried, squeezed to a cooking machine. With the juice was often rubbed with closed eyes, the juice is left on for several minutes and then rinsed with clean water.

Chamomile Dressing to cure Eye pain 

On a spoonful of chamomile, pour a quart of boiling milk, let stand for half a minute, then is filtered and cool. A clean cloth soaked with warm milk and put the cloth over her eyes closed.

Yarrow as remedy for eye pain

If tearing or throbbing pain in his eyes, can be very helpful infusion of yarrow.

A heaping teaspoon of yarrow was placed in a cup, add boiling water, infused for half a minute is filtered and sip, two cups per day.

Swedish Bitter for sore eyes

The Bitter Swede has a similar effect to the essence of Arnica. Rub him the eyelids in the morning and evening. Place a few drops on the index finger and rub at the same time closed eyelids and palpebral commissure.

Swedish bitter dressing

With a Swedish bitter poultice provides relief to tired eyes excessively. Two cotton balls soaked in Swedish bitters should be applied every day on closed eyes, leaving them on for an hour.

List of Herbal Remedies for weak eyes

Celandine juice

The freshly extracted juice from the leaves of celandine reinforces the visual power of our eyes. Take a sheet of celandine recently collected, washed his eyes with his fingers a bit wet, is shreds the leaf stem. With the liquid out of the nerves of the leaf, rubbed his eyelids closed in the direction of the corner eyelid.

Very importantly, the thick liquid that comes from the nerves of the leaf celandine should not be used for the treatment of the eye.

Celandine dressing

To eliminate the poor vision are recommended during the night in a bandage and washed with fresh leaves of celandine, placed over his eyes closed and secured with a bandage.

The remedies listed above, arnica essence and juice of calamus, as well serve to address the weakness of the sight and are applied in the same way.

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