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Lemon can cure over 150 diseasesHerbal Remedies: Lemon can cure over 150 diseases!

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Lemon is a rich source of vitamins and have the first place among the healing fruits. Always, always and everywhere have sung the praises of the wonderful lemon and we have given the label of "consumer acids. " Lemon, in effect, plays an important role as "destroyer of acids", its action is particularly effective against stomach acidity, but does not end here, not at all, its very wide scope. Conventional wisdom, experience and modern science are entirely agree that herbal remedies made with lemon juice can cure over 150 diseases.

The lemon can be used in two ways: taking it entirely (which is somewhat difficult and unpleasant) or diluted fresh lemon juice on a glass of water. If the juice is sipped through a straw, set on edge that prevents some produce sour taste.

When you consumes lemon (or any other natural cure) is to be adopted a healthy diet that does not include interfering substances that may interfere with the effective action of lemon healing agent.

Anywhere in the body where toxins and disturbing, that is in the blood, organs, tissues, there goes the lemon ingested to combat them effectively, dissolve their accumulation and, ultimately, deport. When all other means fail eliminators because of compactness of the accumulations of toxins and more rebellious to the formation of uric acid, lemon is often the only remedy that can bring a positive change.

We have said that the lemon was the great "consumer acids, the great basifying, and also the" remover of poison, toxins and other substances disturbing. "Since most diseases come from excess acidity in the blood, organs and tissues, ie the accumulation of foreign substances, it is logical that the remedy is in with the use of lemon.

The lemon has a favorable influence on all the diseases and natural cures many of them radically. Give proof of wisdom and caution everyone who consume plenty of lemons. The healthy man, considering it the most effective preventive of all diseases, and the sick man, going to the cure of lemon to find effective relief without contraindications, although, as everything has its limit, after an intensive cure lemon agree pause and stop for a while lemon, to resume after regular consumption.

If one side is scientifically proven that meat and meat stock are the preferred carrier of microbes, especially microbes of typhoid and tuberculosis, on the other hand, is a fact supported by rigorous science that microbes perish lemon juice, after a few minutes to be in, ie lemon juice destroys them.

The repertoire of diseases and disorders in which the lemon has proven very extensive, so that you can only give a brief summary of the report:

Stomach and intestinal pains, digestive disorders, heartburn, gas, metabolic disorders, abscesses, obesity, intestinal problems, acid reflux, bladder infections, headaches, kidney disease, bladder, kidney stones, liver and bile duct, gallstones urethritis, urination disorders, bleeding of any kind, diseases of the lymphatic system, heart and circulatory system, lung diseases, tuberculosis, bronchitis, colds, cough, flu, rheumatism, arthritic, gout, arteriosclerosis, fevers of all kinds, swelling, ulcers, pimples, pleurisy, inflammation of the lower abdomen, blood poisoning, herpes, scabies, diphtheria, earthworms (to fight them, mix lemon juice with a little garlic juice), any kind of inflammation, scarlet fever, measles, smallpox, scurvy, epilepsy, dropsy, typhoid , beri-beri, insomnia, loss of appetite, nervousness, melancholy, hypochondria, polyp (First, a priest, drinking the juice, while absorption through the nose, by aspiration), dandruff and hair loss (rubbing strongly scalp with lemon juice, mixed with onion juice), diseases of the womb, piles, diabetes, malaria, malaria, appendicitis (treating time), diarrhea, dysentery, constipation, etc.. Lemon counteracts the fall of the stomach, used to heal wounds of any kind, indoor and outdoor applications, is the best replacement of iodine and has none of the disadvantages of it.

The lemon also helps in the treatment of venomous animal bites, taking the juice from 30 to 45 lemons, can counteract the effects of bites of poisonous spiders and snakes. But this cure must be done without delay, we have to make steam and try everything possible to expel poisons. No one can deny the enormous danger of a few bites of vermin, reptiles and insects, due to the terrible power of venom inoculated to the victim so we can not vouch for the effectiveness in all cases obliged to offer above and we have outlined for information only and without responsibility on our part.

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