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Healing Effects of Japanese Garlic

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What is Japanese Garlic?

It's a natural remedy, effective and economical. It's a kind of garlic, which belongs to the lily family (bulbous root plant or tubercular), which develops and grows attached to the root of different varieties of garlic and arising after reaching maturity.

What is the use of Japanese garlic?

The principal qualities of this mysterious food, studied and researched by hundreds of scientists have been attributed numerous benefits from its anti-microbial, anti-toxic, anti-hypertensive, anti-rheumatic, anti-carcinogenic and also the popular idea of ​​slimming.

Japanese Garlic has medicinal or therapeutic properties?

Yes, the healing properties of Japanese garlic are not new to scientists worldwide. Japanese researchers reported meanwhile that the old Japanese garlic extract suppressed the first phase of tumor promotion in a mouse skin cancer. While scientists at the National Cancer Institute and American Cancer Society published a wonderful review of the anti-cancer properties of garlic Japanese.

Studies show that garlic Japanese is effective in the prevention and treatment of cancers of the breast, stomach, colon, bladder and skin, and has various components that block the formation of a potent carcinogen called nitro amine, which simultaneously limit the effects of other similar generic cancers.

Japanese Garlic has medicinal and therapeutic properties very active. It is an excellent microbicide, disinfectant, decongestant and toning of the pituitary gland, effective in gastric secretion and rich in iron.

Effective against the venom of the bite of vermin and circulatory problems. Is an energetic vermicide (have virtue to kill intestinal worms), corrects constipation and disinfects the digestive system of toxins, is used as a tonic and antiseptic in times of epidemics.

Strengthens the immune system strengthening our resistance to viruses and infections. It's a natural mild antibiotic.

Healing Effects of Japanese Garlic

Healing Effects of Japanese Garlic 

Kidneys and bladder: Help in almost all diseases of the kidneys and bladder.

Lungs and respiratory system: has a powerful decongestant effect, so it is helpful in cases of colds, sinusitis, cough with phlegm, excess phlegm.

Arteries: blood pressure decreases. Purifies, detoxifies and refreshes the circulation.

Liver: activates the optimal functioning of liver, an organ important for overall health. If the liver does not work well all the organs and body systems are altered and signals through the body warns us. Therefore, if you have bitter mouth in the morning or excess crusts, if you have eye problems or bile, if you are in constant tension or irritability (You get angry often), if your head hurts often, could be a problem bladder. You can take one or two Japanese garlic with a little lemon juice.

Varicose veins: if you want a powerful and natural way to help fight varicose test the following strategy: A Japanese garlic smash it in a glass of warm water fasting and combine this with 30 minutes of any exercise that will help strengthen your legs as cycling, running, dance.

Fatigue: is a powerful aid in cases of fatigue, exhaustion, headaches, and insomnia.

Japanese garlic, has an effective healing property and beautifying on the skin

Japanese garlic masks softens and strengthen skin, and helps cell regeneration.

Try the following mask once or twice a week at night. No matter what type of skin you have, this mask is effective for all skin types.

Blend in blender a slice of papaya with two Japanese garlic and a little honey. Add a teaspoon of yogurt, if you feel it is too thick, add another bit of yogurt, then spread on your skin like cream and let him stand for half an hour, if possible. Rinse with warm water.

This mask with garlic is ideal for people who suffer from acne or pimples, as it has properties to accelerate the course of the maturation of zits on the skin.

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