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Focal Music Therapy in PregnancyFocal Music Therapy in Pregnancy... where is it?

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Music therapy is the discipline that studies the aspects of sound-level people receptive, productive and relational. Use as a resource-musical sound material in all its dimensions to promote healthy processes in humans.

In obstetrics we use the concept of the four areas of pregnancy. This concept suggests that pregnancy is lived simultaneously in a sphere, physics, one mind, an emotional and spiritual. And that, in the presence of a phase shift between them, we as therapists work to level, so that the experience of pregnancy is totally balanced.

We know it is the obstetrician who deals with the physical pregnancy, but we also know what usually is not usually considered important to the other pregnancies parallel, invisible, which happen simultaneously physical pregnancy. Not considered because they pass through non-tangible that they can not be seen, because many times from conventional medicine (structured) do not know how to treat them. The pregnancies of these areas are the focal obstetric serve in music therapy.

When a baby is brewing there are many things that are projected on it, but many of them have to do with the history of the future mom or dad, and is therefore very important to have a space where they can establish and develop the differences between that child and that child fantasized real is coming to life in the womb.

In music therapy in pregnancy coexisting focal three main areas on which we work. They are: First link to the about to be born, second welfare of the mother, and third unborn child himself.

Each of these major areas in turn has a number of points that are taken into account in our treatments. For example when talking about the link, not just think of mom and baby, but also consider the father, I think the key stakeholders including the fact is something that will improve family relationships.

In relation to the mother we consider their feelings, emotions, fantasies, anxieties, fears, allowing you to live this stage with less distress and anxiety.

focal music therapy in pregnancy

Finally in relation to the unborn baby, we consider its development as auditory sounds as you arrive, as to encourage him to recognize a tune even before birth, that way you can reduce the environmental noise impact stress that generates its own birth.

All this using music as a bridge that allows us to encounter that which is unknown to us.

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