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Emotional Origins of the Diseases According to the Technique of ReikiEmotional Origins of the Diseases According to the Technique of Reiki

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The following list will discover the emotional source of diseases according to the Reiki.

Accidents: Expressions of anger, frustration, rebellion.

Anorexia / Bulimia: Self-hatred, vital food deprivation, feelings of not being good enough.

Ankylosis: Rigid body = mind rigid, inflexible, fears, resistance to change. Place where states = location of the pattern.

Apoplexy: Negative thinking, sudden loss of joy, forced change of orientation.

Arthritis: Standard self-criticism, or hypercritical towards others, perfectionism.

Asthma: I would like to be pampered, guilt, inferiority complex.

Arms: Ability to cover, old emotions held in the joints.

Head: We showed the world what, something radically wrong.

Cancer: deep resentment, mistrust, self pity, despair, helplessness.

Headaches: perfectionism, anger, frustration. Masturbating to disappear.

Colon: Inability to abandon, diarrhea = fear retention, constipation too = lack of certainty as to whether we have enough, eagerness to corner.

Heart: The heart and the blood is love is happiness, the heart attack is denial, abrupt withdrawal of love and happiness.

Fingers: index = the ego, anger and fear. Thumb = concern. Medium = anger, right: a man left: a woman. Cancel = bonds, penalties. Little = relatives, suitors.

Pain: Guilt seeking punishment; Note in that form is manifested.

Edema: stagnant mentality, unexpressed fears, feeling like a trap.

Back: Top = lack of emotional understanding, to seek help. Mid = remorse. Bottom = depletion, economic concerns.

Stomach: Inability to digest ideas and experiences. We can not support someone or something. Fear.

Throat: Fear of change, inability to express anger, creativity thwarted. Laryngitis = too angry to talk, Irritation = anger, Tonsillitis or thyroid = creativity stifled, deeper in the case of leukemia.

Genitalia: Issues of femininity or masculinity, denial of sexuality, dirty things, impurity of the female body.
Bladder infections: disappointment, that hurts retention.
Vaginitis: inflict snub by the couple, wounded romanticism.
Prostate: sexual self-esteem and pride.
Impotence: fear or aversion to the couple.
Frigidity, fear, sexual guilt, worthlessness.
Premenstrual syndrome: denial of the female cycle, low self-esteem as a woman.
STD: sexual guilt.

Inflammation, burning, fever, itching, irritation, swelling: Anger.

Breast: Protective motherly instinct, perhaps excessive in relation to a person / thing / place / experience. Breast Cancer: deep resentment resulting from this situation.

Hands: Holding too hard a money or a relationship. Arthritis = self-criticism, hypercritical spirit internalized or others.

Nape: Issues related to flexibility.

Ears: Too hard to admit what they say. Earaches = anger Deafness = not want to hear.

Excess of weight: The need of protection, insecurity.

Skin: threats affecting individuality when we are subjected to others. Thin skin - excess sensitivity, sensation of being flayed, eagerness to pamper yourself.

Legs: Fear of progress, or lack of will to do so. Varicose veins - remain in a situation that we hate.

Feet: our image of ourselves. Progress.

Lungs: Inability to give and receive vital energy, denial of life. Emphysema or snuff abuse - denial of life, inferiority.

Kneeling: Inflexibility, inability to undergo, pride, ego, stubbornness, fear of change, righteous zeal.

Sinusitis: irritation caused by someone.

Tumors: Growing wrong, that haunts former offense and do not forget. Uterine tumors - resentments, in relation to femininity, misogyny.

Ulcers: Fear, doubts about self-worth, low self-esteem.

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