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Skin DiseasesDiseases of the Skin : Causes and Natural Treatments!

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The skin is one of the most important organs of the body, because it is performed through functions of nutrition and eliminate toxins. So much so that you can not live a second without the work of skin or even if you are injured in more than a third.

This organ is destined by nature to live and perform their functions immersed in pure air. Healthy skin has active blood pressure that provides healthy heat, even a pink tinge, soft, moist and flexible.

Across the skin surface are distributed sweat and sebaceous glands. The first secrete sweat, which serves the important function of organic thermoregulation. It is also a liquid that purifies and detoxifies the entire body of wastes produced by cellular metabolism through the pores of the skin. Latest secrete an oily substance and sebum that gives elasticity to the skin.

The skin breathes and is fed by the millions of pores, making it the third-place third lung and kidney.

Through the pores of the skin, the entire body is constantly eliminating waste. If waste is not cleaned promptly, the pores become blocked and the skin becomes inactive.

Evidently, tone and revitalize the work of skin with cold water daily rub the whole body, thus avoiding the waste is reabsorbed, pollute the blood and overloading the work of the lungs, kidneys, liver, etc.

Even a cold or cool bath is an excellent tonic for skin health. Hot baths and warm open pores and help eliminate impurities from the skin, relax the nerves and regulate blood circulation also keep it moist and supple, etc.

Causes of Skin diseases 

Natural Medicine is seen in all skin ailments common factor alien to it, which is more or less pronounced doping blood.

When the body is young and has vitality is able to eliminate through the skin, foreign substances that impair their body harmony.

The skin conditions are not harmful to the body, in contrast, is a defensive process of the body, which is released and accumulated toxic materials inside. These materials are so destructive that corrode skin tissue, causing sores, boils, eczema and many other painful diseases of the skin.

These conditions are caused by external agents (parasites) may only develop in an organism with its defenses weakened by the accumulation of morbid substances. If this activity removed from the skin is favored by the regime of natural life will purify the blood and all health benefit.

However, if smother with antibiotics, drugs and suffer any symptoms of cutaneous elimination, we have lost the opportunity to rid the body of what hurts, does not eliminate the real cause of the disturbance and retained morbid substances that can reach form tumors with different characteristics.

Hair dyes, deodorants, sprays intimate, rouge, powders, nail polish, creams, etc. are very harmful to health because they contain toxic substances. These products are carcinogenic agents by paralyzing the expulsion of waste and impurities from the body. Anyone using these chemicals and synthetics do not dare to eat these substances for fear of dying, even when applied to the skin, it also absorbs them, thus passing the blood circulation and polluting.

"Many unknowingly damage their health and endanger their lives by using cosmetics and, when heated in the skin, the poison is absorbed through the pores of the skin and into the blood. Many lives have been sacrificed by this means, " says Elena G. White.

Treatment for Skin Diseases

The general treatment to eradicate all the skin disorders (pimples, acne, herpes, pimples oozing, etc.) will be directed to purify the vital fluid, through the Emergency System for acute care.

Cleansing diet is based mainly on fruits and raw vegetables.

As a local application, especially in external abscesses, boils, carbuncles and pimples oozing, it is recommended fenugreek or fenugreek poultice, which is changed every four or five hours or so until all the drainage. Affected parties should be cleaned with cooking water horsetail, arnica flowers and shades.

To soften the skin suggest natural oils. To avoid depriving the skin of its natural lubricant, essential fatty, avoid using strong soaps and prolonged sun exposure to have a beautiful skin.

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