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Home Recipes for Hair Loss: Oily hair - DandruffBest 4 Home Recipes for Hair Loss: Oily hair - Dandruff

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Natural Home Recipes for hair loss

Nettle Lotion to reduce hair loss:
This nettle lotion stimulates and strengthens the scalp, reducing the hair loss.


2 handfuls of fresh leaves of nettle
300 ml of rubbing alcohol
Distilled water

They put the nettle leaves in a bowl and pour in the rubbing alcohol. Then, add distilled water to cover the leaves and let marinate for 4 days. After this time it is filtered through gauze and the liquid is deposited in a jar.

At night, massage your scalp with the lotion and then cover with a towel for 5 to 10 minutes. Then rinse has to be soft and the next morning, use a shampoo is not aggressive.

Home treatment for hair loss

Nettle Root Lotion to increase the growth of Hair:
Many reasons explain the alopecia: family history, external aggression or internal derangement. The ideal is to find the root of the problem often lies not in the head but elsewhere in the body. However, there are simple remedies, based on products of nature, to activate the hair growth and to protect it.

1 handful of chopped nettle root
ΒΌ l water

Simmer for 10 minutes.

Firmly massage the scalp.

Home remedy for the lack of hair - Oily Hair - Dandruff

Algae syrup for hair loss:
The algae harbor a lot of vitamins, minerals, jellies ... ideal for our bones and our joints, but also for our hair. The agar-agar, for example, has a lot of keratin, the hijiki contains a large amount of calcium and kombu is rich in iodine.

1 l white wine
10 g agar-agar seaweed
10 g of seaweed hijiki
10 grams of kombu seaweed

We had a pint of white wine in a saucepan and add the seaweed. The boil and simmer for 15 minutes and then pour it into a sealable jar. We leave it to marinate for 3 days in a dry and dark place, shaking occasionally.
After that time, strain the cooking. It is recommended that the container is heated to liquefy the agar-agar jelly. Finally, we add molasses (such as liquid has resulted straining) and mix well.

Take a shot three times daily before each meal. In less than a month you will notice the effect.
As agar-agar jelly is, it is likely that you should heat the syrup to the water bath whenever you so you go to take.

Alternative treatment for hair loss with clay

Clay Plaster for women hair loss:
With the clay can induce hair out, especially in women.


Get mixing water and clay mud.

Rub the head with clay and let it work for a few minutes to dry. Then rinse with water and cider vinegar.

We hope these natural home remedies for hair loss will help stop your problem as soon as possible. We recommend you view the related articles where you can find more alternatives for this and many more health problems and how to treat it naturally.

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