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Andropause or Male Menopause - Myth or RealityAndropause or Male Menopause, Myth or Reality?

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Andropause or Male Menopause: Equivalent to the female menopause, andropause designates the period whose onset is between 40 and 50 years in the production of testosterone in men decreases. The absence of clear symptoms and causes newly diagnosed non-specialists reach a consensus on the reality of this new phenomenon.

No one would argue that male menopause are just stories. However, many experts have doubts about the existence of an equivalent male phenomenon. Androgen secretion does not end ever, so many men can be parents to a relatively late age. In England, some experts have not thought twice and found the "Andropause Society".

According to Dr. Malcolm Carruthers, president of the newly released "Andropause Society," 50% of men fifty years presented symptoms of andropause. Signs to manifest through an extreme irritability, lack of energy, night sweats, difficulty achieving erection, etc.., And that would justify hormone treatment. The specialist recommended generous doses of testosterone, a hormone discovered sixty years ago and rarely given to men (for now!).

"Andropause", a term ill-suited

Other British specialists like Dr. Ian Banks, president of a man's health forum, confess, however, are not convinced of the existence of andropause. The expert believes that some of these disorders may be caused simply by age or the onset of menopause in her companion, deterring the references of the couple.

For Dr. Jacques Buvat, and Andrologist endocrinologist, the term andropause is not the most appropriate because, unlike the changes observed in women, in the case of man, the hormonal decline is "partial, progressive and inconsistent ". According to him, "there is no denying that certain symptoms such as decreased muscle mass, increased abdominal fat, reduced bone mass, libido disorders and hot flashes involving a drop in production levels of testosterone in some cases. However, large commercial interests at stake lead to overstate the importance of this phenomenon. "

Andropause or Male Menopause, Myth or Reality?

A renewed interest in testosterone

As treatment for andropause, the specialist recommends "be cautious since we are in the same situation observed 20 years ago in the case of women." In any case, be carried out serious studies to assess and evaluate the interest and risks of a possible treatment. Nevertheless, admits Dr. Buvat, "hint at some recent data that testosterone may have favorable effects on the vascular system." In addition, this hormone decreases visceral abdominal fat and increases muscle mass and bone.

Set figures is not, for the moment, simple task given the novelty of it. However, "less than 20% of men over 50 years Spanish really need a treatment with testosterone," the expert believes. More specifically, this Andrologist estimated "that 20% of men who suffer from erection problems, only 9 or 10% have a true testosterone deficiency, and the latter, only half hormone would observe improvements, e.g. in total 1% of all sufferers erection problems. "

Treatment of Andropause or Male Menopause observation...

Despite the suspicion, the administration of testosterone may be seen in patients who may be observed disorders as a result of testosterone deficiency, if the deficit is confirmed by the dose. Yes, on the condition extricate regular medical supervision.

This measure is because prescription male hormones might promote the growth of prostate cancer that might have gone unnoticed. For this reason, patients must undergo a clinical examination with digital rectal exam to check the prostate and access at regular intervals, at a dosage of a marker prostate, PSA (Prostatic Specific Antigen). The doctor will also have a blood test known as NFS (Numbering Formula Blood) since testosterone stimulates red blood cell production. Too high a concentration of the latter can densify too and promote blood clogged arteries.

Injections, patches, implants, gel ...

In Spain, it mainly uses injections of androgens, which should be applied every two or three weeks, and the derivatives of testosterone orally, but usually less frequent. In common law countries also have patches and implants. Recently, there has developed in the United States testosterone gel based on the same principle as proposed gels estrogen to menopausal women, apparently, could allow to obtain stable levels of the hormone in the blood and near normal. According to Dr. Buvat, this option could prove "a good solution to combine greater efficiency and ease of use than other forms of testosterone".

Other avenues of research about male menopause

Besides androgens, growth hormone and DHEA (dehydroepiandrosterone) have potentially interesting effects on the aging male. The first increases muscle mass and bone density. DHEA, in turn, could slow cardiovascular mortality.

However, most serious practitioners believe that all such data should be checked before using these hormones in daily practice.

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