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A simple Natural Recipe To Cure CancerAlternative Cancer Treatments: A simple Natural Recipe To Cure Cancer!

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What you will read below, was published in the newspaper "Listin Diario", Santo Domingo, in mid-May 2005. Truly I tell you to read it did not believe in what I said the article. This remedy is owed to a Franciscan friar, who call, in Belém (Brazil), Fray Romano, of Brazilian origin. Current teacher seminar in Bethlehem. His fame throughout Judea, is growing and as he says: "I cured cancer and anyone can do, without miracles, simply applying the products produced by Mother Nature".

Before proceeding with the natural recipe, I would say it is known several people who have been cured after drinking the brew, to which they were given less than a month of life, suffering from different types of terminal cancer. After the knowledge of the virtues of this alternative cancer treatment medicine, we have proposed circulation, in this way and others, for anyone who has a friend, relative, related to this terrible disease and prepare the recipe of what to take. May see results from the first week of taking it, I assure you, is something that works quickly.

This recipe it's one of the most potent alternative cancer treatment to cure the most lethal cancers known in a Natural way:

1 / 2 or 1 liter of pure Honey Bee

Two large or three small leaves of the Aloe Vera plant

Three tablespoons of brandy, whiskey, tequila or rum (this is used as a vessel dilatory) 

First remove dust and bones to the aloe vera leaf, cut them into small pieces, then enter all the elements mentioned above, in an electric mixer or blender. Beat until it looks that forms a viscous paste. Is ready to drink. Can be left out of the fridge or put in the refrigerator, as you prefer. It should not take away the Aloe shell or pouring the brew.

Fray Romano says it should take one tablespoon three times a day, fifteen minutes before each meal. This should be done for ten days. Fray Romano advised shake the bottle before each feeding. The monk says that if after having the drink out abscesses in the skin, this is a good sign. Goes on to say that if after the first shot has not been achieved the desired results, repeat after taking several tests to see if the tumor has dissapeared, drink four more times until the cancer has been fully cured.

For eleven years the priest has used this recipe, always with excellent results. He has cured dozens of people in Bethlehem and its surroundings. He says that not only can cure cancer, this natural home recipe for cancer also can prevents it. It's good for all kinds of cancer like: skin cancer, brain cancer, lung cancer, prostate cancer, breast cancer, leukemia, and other type of advanced cancers.

Also note that recently healed a 29 year old Italian nun, suffering from multiple sclerosis. You want a testimony of one who was terminally ill with lung cancer, please contact Mr. Fausto Pimentel in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic Phone: (809) 247-2316. This man is the one that posted the above I have counted as a thank you to life through recovery when only gave him a few days of life.

It should be mentioned that not only to cure cancer cell is a natural restorative and strengthens of our immune system. May we more testimonials for posting on our website.

Please circulate this information and help to save more lives.

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