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6 Common Allergy Myths Exposed and Facts to Debunk It6 Common Allergy Myths Exposed and Facts to Debunk It

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Frequently, allergies seem mysterious origin and an unpredictable response. Occasionally they can be difficult to treat. So it is not surprising that misconceptions and myths abound about allergies.

Allergy is an immune system reaction to agents for many human beings are completely harmless. Millions of people suffer around the world in various ways, and some of them do not even know. We invite you to know the six most common allergy myths and facts.

Allergy Myth #1: all allergies are in the mind.

Fact to debunk the all allergies are in the mind myth: In most people allergies are really a medical condition. However, allergy symptoms can be aggravated by stress or emotions. Although these do not cause allergies, can exaggerate the body's response to allergens. Scientists do not fully understand the relationship between allergic responses and emotions.

Allergies Myth #2: reside in Arizona, cure allergies.

Fact to debunk the reside in Arizona can cure all allergies myth: For years people suffering from seasonal allergies to pollens and molds thought that if they were to reside southwest desert, where the foliage and weather are different from those of other regions, their allergies disappear. Although there are desert and ambrosia maple trees, other plants that produce pollen, like sagebrush and cottonwood, ash and olive trees. People who are sensitive to certain pollens and molds often find that in a new environment ultimately develop new allergen sensitivities. For example, those who are sensitive to ragweed pollen may be sensitive sagebrush.

Myth Allergy #3: short-haired pets do not cause allergies.

Fact to debunking the short-haired pets don't cause allergy myth: the long hair of an animal does not determine their allergenic potential. In fact, the skin itself is not the culprit. The cause is dandruff, skin flakes off constantly all animals with hair or feathers. In addition, saliva and urine can cause sensitivity. If you have allergies to pets with fur, the only really safe pets are fish and reptiles.

Common Allergy Myths Exposed and Facts
Myth Allergies #4: is not altered by poison ivy unless you touch the plant.

Reality about the Myth #4: It is true that the resin of the plant that causes sensitivity to poison ivy, poison oak or zuma that must actually touch the skin to cause a reaction. However, this resin can touch the clothes first and then transmitted to your skin very easily when handled those clothes. This explains why many people who have not touched the plants have reactions. These resins can be transported even smoke if plants are burned.

Common Myth #5: most people have hay fever.

Fact te debunk the Myth #5: many people think that hay fever is a childhood disorder that left to suffer for the time they reach adulthood. By contrast, hay fever can develop at any stage of life and the person can recover from it at any time of his life.

Allergy Myth #6: No one dies from allergies.

Fact to debunk the anybody can die due to allergies myth: While it is true that many allergies are just an inconvenience, some allergic reactions may be serious. People who are sensitive to allergens may have a shock that life threatening (anaphylaxis) when certain insects bite, they inject medicine or consume a certain food. Asthma attacks can also be deadly. Severe reactions should be considered important and treated promptly and adequately.

We recommend that you be aware of our upcoming articles on the different kinds of allergies, natural treatments for allergy, homemade recipes to cure allergies, allergy tips, and much more useful and reliable information from food allergy experts.

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